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Born 23.08.1958 in Warsaw

Took instructions from Barbara Zbrozyna in the years 1978–1983.

Painter, sculptor, performer.

Selected awards and realizations:

2001 Memorial project, realizations-Jedwabne

2002 Accepted part of a dual award for the design of a memorial to Janusz Korczak (international competition held by the SHALOM charity)

2002 Accepted part of a dual award at the International Architecture Biennale in Cracow

2003 Architectural – sculpture reconstruction of the presbytery in the Marymont Church in Warsaw

2003 received a distinction for the design of a remembrance memorial in of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Kazimierz Dolny

2007 (collective work) – received a distinction for a design project in an international competition for the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk

2009 II Award for the design of the memorial of gratitude in Opoczno

2012 II Award for the design of the Smolensk memorial (collective work)


Won a scholarship in 1991 with the Ein – Hod Charity in Israel,

Won a scholarship in 1991 with the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art,

Won a scholarship in 1994 with the Cranach Charity in Germany,

Won a scholarship in 1995 with the Cranach Charity in Germany,

Won a scholarship in 1996 with the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art.

Project Art: Qad ad rem? Against Terrorism, Tracks in Sand.

Around Beer Sheeva, Light, Tracks, Dedications, Water Trees, Those Synagogues Are Gone, Against Violence, Stechlin’s Light, Stillness,

Selected exhibitions:

1986 Gallery Saska Kepa, Warsaw

1988 Studio-Gallery Düsseldorf

Haus Am Quall, Hann-Gruiten

Opole Gallery BWA – Opole

1989 Evangelical Academy, Iserlohn

City theater, Marburg

Mages Gallery, Augsburg

Museum of art, Ein-Hod

1990 City theater, Marburg

1993 Gallery Milano, Warsaw forum

Magdeburg In den Kranachhöfen, Wittenberga

1994 Gallery in den Cranach-hofen in Lutrrstad – Witenberg

Niels-Stensen-Haus, Worphausen

Academic center, Graz

1995 Haus der Begegnung, Bad Nenndorf

1996 Arch diesis Museum, Warsaw Kreishaus, Herford

1997 Polish Institute in Dusseldorf Sculpture Gallery ,Warsaw

1998 Gallery Ignas – Cologne

1999 Polish Sculpture Centre in Oronsk

2000 Dortmund- Münster Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw

2003 Gallery Milano, Warsaw

2005 Klima Bochenska’s Gallery in Fabryka Trzciny

2006 Pokaz Critics Gallery, Warsaw

2007 Polish Theatre – Bydgoszcz

2008 City Gallery Bernau, Berlin

2009 Pokaz Critics Gallery, Warsaw

2009 Gallery in factory, Zernikow

2010 Museum Staszic, Piła

2011 Gallery der Ort, Berlin

2012 Zernikow

2012 BWA Art Gallery, Kielce

Selected collective exhibitions:

1981 Galeria MDM, Warsaw

1983-90 Berlin Zachodni, Hamburg, Frankfurt /Menem

Münster, Düren, Mannheim Fundation -Syrena

1984-86 Church in Żytnia, Warsaw

1987 Arch diesis Museum, Warsaw

1990 „Art Folio”, New Jork

BWA, Bielsko Biała

1993 Haus der Familie, Merzig of Drawing in Lobaczewo

Art Museum – Utrecht

Fundacja Schredera, Haga Schreder Charity Gallery, Holland

1994 National Museum in Gdansk

Grosse Kunstautellung NRW (The Palace of Art – Dusseldorf)

Gallery ZPAP, Warsaw

Rathaus, Castrop-Rauxel

1995 Art’95, New York Burgwedel

1996 Centre Fra Angelico, Liége

1997 Polish institute in Stockholm

2000 VIII MBA- Cracow

2000-04 Arch diesis Museum

2002 IX MBA- Cracow Wroclaw, Cracow

2004 Pokaz Critics Gallery, Warsaw

X MBA- Cracow

2005 Radom Modern Art Museum – Radom

2006 Sztokholm Polish institute in Stockholm

2006-07 Polnisches Institut-Berlin “VI Triennale Sacrum”, Częstochowa

2007 Art Gallery in Legnica The IV Art Festival in Poznan

2009 European Centre of Culture Logos – Lodz

International Architecture Trienalle – Cracow

2010 Muzeum in Liwia

Muzeum in Ciechanow

Galeria Kranach-Hofen, Luthrstadt-Wittenberga

The Art Festival in Warsaw

2012 Centre of Polish Sculpture