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He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of Professors: Jacek Sienicki, Ludwik Maciąg and Halina Chrostowska.

Received diploma in 1986.Well known for his sentiment for realism of 30′s and 50′s as well as for his talent for portait paintings (follows the tradition of the best polish portraitists of the end of XIXth and the beginning of XXth century).

Individual exhibitions:

1987 – Krzysztof Wojtarowicz PLL LOT, Warsaw

1993 – Abakus Gallery (Warsaw Month of Paintings), Warsaw

1995 – Stawiska, Podkowa Leśna

1998 – Bauman Gallery, Warsaw

1999 – Test Gallery, Warsaw

2000 – Art Office Gallery, Warsaw

2000 – Gallery Promocyjna, Warsaw

2001 – Logo Gallery, Łomża

2003 – Radio Zet, Warsaw

2004 – Station Nowa Gdynia, Łódź

2008 – Recamiere Gallery, Warsaw

2010 – Soho Factory, Warsaw

Individual presentations:

1998 – Puławska Business Center (Auction for Globe Theater)

1999 – Sienna Center

Participated in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad.