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Magdalena Hajnosz
painting, drawing and photography. Graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts inWarsaw (1980). Many solo and group exhibitions in Poland and Belgium. Author ofthe book „Warsaw with his head up „ – Warsaw photographic guide, 2010.

magdalena hajnosz, malarstwo, obraz, abstrakcja

Magdalena Hajnosz and her painting

Magdalena Hajnosz is an artist of strong impact. Her art is like getting a hard knock on the head. However after this knock one comes out of dormancy. One comes out of sleeping being creatively awaken. Vagueness is dormancy. Torpidity being understood as an illness leaves – relaxation remains – opening of mind – since novum follows.

The art of Magdalena Hajnosz is the art of strong emotions and emphatic perception. Figures of her pictures are often over emphasized , treated not too seriously or with portion of  good humor. They can be also tragic in funny way or simply true. They amaze themselves with their own internal and visible nature. There is no making eyes at a spectator. The art is such like the bare reality. It is tough like a woman , rough like canvass or truth. The unique and immediately recognizable artistic expression which is like a manifesto or artistic treatise on natures decide about the exceptional character of Magdalena Hajnosz creativity. One cannot ignore it without any reaction. One feels vibrations and multidimensional effects. This is how the repercussions of this art are born. Additional dimensions are caused by tensions among lines, colors, structures, materials which the artist utilizes when working.

Magdalena Hajnosz when creating art remains herself and at the same time she represents the collective nature.

A. Syska