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Magdalena Laskowska was born in 1985, Warsaw.

Graduated in 2011 the painting department of the Warsaw Fine Arts Academy.

Selected exhibitions:

2017 – collective WARSCHAU IST FEMININ !, House and Tower of Krakow, Nuremberg, Germany
2016 – collective WARSCHAU IST FEMININ !, gallery Neukollner Leuchtturm, Berlin; Exhibition Hall of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland, Munich; Gallery of Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne, Germany
2016 – collective, 1. Pomeranian Biennale of Young Art, POTOK SZTUKI, Sopot Centrum, Sopot
2016 – collective 25th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival, Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, Szczecin
2016 – individual “On the way”, gallery Next, Bydgoszcz

2015 – from the series “Meeting with the artist”, CDEF Gallery, Olsztyn
2015 – the collective Summer Gallery of STALOWA, Zamość

2014 – collective exhibition “Landschaft, Landschaft …” aTAK Gallery

2013 – the finalists of the 41st Painting Biennale ,,Bielska Jesien’’, Bielsko-Biała
2013 – collective, Siesta. Landscape of the South “, aTAK Gallery, Warsaw
2013 – collective “Tastes of Italy”, Municipal Art Gallery, Czestochowa
2013 – the Summer Salon, aTAK Gallery

2012 – collective, 24th Festival of Polish Contemporary Painting, Szczecin
2012 – individual, ,,On the edge of reality’’, Ring Gallery, Legnica
2012 – collective, II. Review of Young Art, “Fresh Blood”, Socato Gallery, Wroclaw
2012 – collective Sport Art Box, Milano Gallery, Warsaw

2011 – collective “Contemporary Art Poland”, City Hall, Stuttgart, Germany
2011 – “Sharp-eye skills”,.Helena Modjeska Theatre, part of International Exhibition of Satyrykon, Legnica
2011 – individual in Gallery U, Warsaw

2017 – finalist of 43th Painting Biennale Bielska Jesien, Bielsko-Biała
2016 – winner of the award in the POTOK SZTUKI competition, part of the 1st Biennale of Young Art
2016 – finalist 10. Triennial of Small Forms of Painting, Art Gallery Wozownia, Toruń
2016 – finalist of the 25th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival, Szczecin
2013 – finalist of the 41st Painting Biennale Bielska Jesien, Bielsko-Biała 2013 – curatorial nomination for the 11th Geppert Competition, Wroclaw
2013 – finalist of 9. Triennale of Small Forms of Painting, Art Gallery Wozownia, Toruń
2012 – finalist of the 24th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival, Szczecin
2012 – finalist II. Young Art Exhibition, Fresh Blood, Socato Gallery, Wroclaw
2012 – finalist of the competition “New Image / New Look” at Poznań University of Art
2011 – finalist of the Siemens Art Contest 2011 edition
2011 – winner of the Competition and Review of Young Painting Promotions 2011 in Legnica (1st prize of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage)

Artistic Events:
2017 – participation in 15th Warsaw Art Fair, Arkady Kubicki, Warsaw
2011 – participation in Mazowiecka Art Festival, DAP – Gallery 3678, part of Warsaw Art Festival
2011 – finalist of the 10th International Artistic Workshops
Public Collections
2016 – “The Chapel in the Mountains (Black, Red, Blue), 2012- collections of the Department of Modern Art of the National Museum in Gdańsk
Private collection
2016 – “Pole Mokotowskie III” – private collection of the President of the Republic. Fed. German a.D. prof. Dr. Horst Koehler