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Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, is actively pursuing painting, interior design and music.
She seeks her inspiration, both spiritual and aesthetic, in the broadly understood Japanese art, sacral painting and many kinds of music. This search is not limited to a passive appreciation of Japanese woodcuts, orthodox church’s icons, or to listening to music. As a child she attended a music school, between 2001 and 2007 she sang and toured with the Warsaw Inter-University Choir by the St. Anna church in Warsaw. She devoted ten years to practicing far-eastern martial arts (Karate Kyokushin and Kendo), alongside developing her passion for painting, transporting the ideas of Japanese masters to canvas or plywood.
The fruit of this search for common ground between the art of the East and the West, are the portraits of Catholic saints depicted in a Japanese aesthetic, but also geometric abstract paintings, seeking the universal harmony between vertical and horizontal, empty and full, active and passive.
She is currently conducting scientific work concerning the connection between painting, interior design in the traditional Japanese craft, at the Tama Art University in Tokyo.

Individual Shows:

2002 –„Bourjois Big”coffee house, Chicago

2003 – „CASE” foundation, Warszawa

2004 – the window display of „Empik Megastore Junior”, Warszawa

Group Shows:

2005 – „Konfrontacje”, ZPAP Warszawa

2006 – „Sztuka na Woli” (Art of Wola) , Warszawa

2008 – „Zostań z nami” (Stay with us) i „Sztuka Projektowania” (The art of design), ZPAP Warszawa